Drobo Free Space in Mac Finder Different than Drobo Dashboard

My Drobo Dashboard app is showing I currently have 6.45TB of free space on my B800fs, but when I am browsing the device via Finder it shows that I only have 870GB available. I’ve been told by Data Robotics the total in the Dashboard app is the accurate number, but when I try to copy files that take up more than 870GB, Finder does not allow me to because it says there is not enough free space.

Also, I just expanded my Drobo with 2 larger capacity drives, adding 8TB more to the system. So I know there is more free space on there. The Finder total did not change once I added the drives.

Can someone please help me utilize all of the space I should have available?

the threshold for each volume is 16 TB. you would need to create shares in the 2nd volume to utilize the free space you have, then place data in this newly created share.
http://dashboardhelp.drobo.com/guide/210/en/FS_Creating_Shares.htm < look at the 2nd screenshot from this link

That fixed the issue. Thanks so much KelvinY!