Drobo Formatting Problem!


i have a drobo which has 2, 2 TB hard disks, and 2, 1 TB hard disks. Also, there are 2, 2 TB partitions.

unfortunately, i accidentally formatted one of the drobo’s partition, and lost all my data which was about 1.2 TB. i have tried to recover the data with some softwares, but i have not been able to recover the data.

i wanted to know whether a particular software can help me or i should just give up!


I’ve used GetDataBack (windows). The results can be ugly but if you really need the data it may be worth a try. You can eval it before you buy to get an idea if it will work (you can display files but not copy before purchase).

I have not tried GetDataBack on a Drobo, just a single simple NTFS drive.