drobo for the traveler

I live between New Zealand and Australia. My main computer is a high-spec Toshiba laptop. I am a serious photographer and I use a serious Eizo screen for example, in both places. I have a Drobo with 4x1tb drives. Problem is twofold:

  1. my computer died the other day and needed a complete reinstall. BUT I found I could not restore programs like Lightroom from the backup. So Drobo was no help at all. I did have all my pix backed up and recovered them, tho.
  2. pretty obviously, I do not want to travel with my Drobo box under my arm.
    Do others use Drobo as “primary” storage, with everything on it, programs, data, the lot? Nothing on the C: drive at all?
    If not, can anyone point me in the right direction? I love it, but I fear I am not getting the best use out of it. I don’t know how to mix’n’match the laptop with Drobo.

I recommend you should take a look at any block or byte level imaging backup/restore/BMR (Bare Metal Restore/Recovery) solutions w/ deduplicaiton & compression built-in. Like yourself, I’m a road warrior (Remember Mel Gibson?) myself and I rely my notebook to make a living. So, this is what I do to keep my data safe & CDP (Continuous Data Protection):
I have a block-level imaging backup software w/ Deduplicaiton & Compression installed on my notebook and scheduled it to run a snapshot of my boot & data drvies every 1 hr. So, I always have a point-in-time backups of all my stuffs. That’s the local backup/recovery solution.
Once I’m back in the office, the backup software will copy the latest image from my notebook onto our DroboPro via iSCSI as a secondary backup.
To prevent any mishaps such as my notebook crashes, stolen or whatever, I also copy the deduped & compressed images onto a portal USB drives w/ me. Should the inevitable happens, the backup software allows me to do BMR using any Intel x86 Windows PC to perform item-level recovery.
It would be nice to have a portable Drobo unit (Drobo Mini or something w/ BeyondRAID for us. Using SSD drives may be a way but the demand vs. price remains to be a question. Interesting concept to think about!

Many thanks for the prompt reply, rambo. Dunno about BMR. Never heard of it. The only one I know is the Bureau of Medical Research in Australia, which researches tropical diseases!I only half understood what you said, but not sure it’d work withmy setup.
I have two drives in the Toshiba – c: is 500g carrying programs, data and documents. Then there’s d: which is 250g carrying nearly 200g of photos on the d: drive (and climbing). I have been backing everything up from those two drives to Drobo, but that’s not the best solution, methinks.

My Drobo is a single user version. Just me.

BMR (Bare Metal Restore/Recoery). So, you have two partitions (i.e. Drive C: & D) inside ur Toshiba notebook.
I recommend you download the following block-level backup/restore software & see whether one of them fulfill your need:
1.Acronis True Image Echo Workstation
2. AppAssure Replay4 for Windows Desktop
3. SyncBack Pro
4. DroboCopy (I assume you are aware Drobo Dashboard has that built-in) but that’s a file-level copy

I’m using No. 2. :slight_smile: