Drobo Firmware Update 1.3.4


Hope someone can answer this as I can not see the issue anywhere else.

I have a Drobo & Drobo Share - the Drobo has firmware 1.3.0 and when clicking check for updates nothing is returned.

I did find an update on the Drobo Support site - 1.3.4 - I downloaded the DMG and extracted the file within.

I then followed the details on a manual install but when browsing the the file it simply would not let me select it.

I was trying to do this over WiFi so not sure if this is the issue.

Anyone else having a similar problem and have a workaround?



Are you pressing the control key on your keyboard when clicking on “check for updates”?

I’ve seen a lot of customers pressing the option key.

Hi and yes :slight_smile:

I can browse the mac and find the file but in the file is grey’ed out and wont let me select it.


Change the filename of the .tdz file to .zip.
Open that file. There should be two files there, one that says Rev1 and Rev2.
Rev1 is for 1st generation drobos.
Rev2 is for 2nd generation drobos.

Drag and drop the rev file you need onto your desk.

Go back into Advanced controls > tools tab > ctrl key + “check for updates”.

Select that Rev file.

Perfect thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks so much.
Worked like a charm.

Jennifer, I routinely monitor DroboSpace, but seldom check the Drobo support page for an update.

Could I request that you (or someone) create a thread that I could subscribe to that would notify me whenever a new firmware release is posted, even if it is not yet old and moldy enough to be automatically updated?

Two of my Drobos (a V1 and a V2) are running FW 1.3.3, the third is running 1.3.1, and all three tell me that I have the “latest” updates – WRONG![hr]

I tried that procedure on my Mac mini, but when attempting to open the file with the Archive Utility (the default), it say "Unable to unarchive v1.3.4.zip into “Drobo Firmware .3.4.” (Error 1 - Operation not permitted.)

Any clue what to try next?

OMG, that actually worked for me too! Yay! Now I’ll save these simple directions for next time.

@suiteb, if it worked on the other computers, are you able to transfer it to the mac-mimi? via flash drive or email?

If not, I can email you the file.

I subscribed to the RSS feed from the Support page

It didn’t work on the Mac Pro, either, but I don’t know if that is due to Snow Leopard or some other problem. I’m attempting to download the PC version to my Windows XP at work, hoping to unzip the file and the sneakernet it to the Mac mini.

However, at the current transfer rate of 182 bytes/sec, the warranty may expire before the download completes!

Please e-mail it to me. PM me if you don’t have my address.

Jennifer, you e-mailed me the two files, after I was unable to unzip the tdz file after renaming it (on two different Macs, both running Snow Leopard), and downloading the PC version was running a 232 bytes per second.

The e-mailed version were labeled v1_252_20303_rev1_tdf.html and v1_252_20303_rev2_tdf.html.

I renamed them v1_252_20303_rev1.tdf and v1_252_20303_rev2.tdf. However, they won’t work either. “The Drobo Firmware update was unsuccessful.”

Is this a Snow Leopard problem, or something else?