Drobo firmware and Drobo Dashboard version when upgrading to Snow Leopard

Can anyone confirm if I need to upgrade the firmware on my Drobo (V1) ad/or upgrade my Drobo Dashboard before upgrading to Snow Leopard?

The Knowledgebase article says that Drobo is supported but makes no mention of the advised firmware and software levels??

I’ve been running 1.3.1 and 1.3.0 on my Drobos, and whatever the latest release is on DroboPro, plus 1.5.1 on DroboDashboard, with no problems.

It might be prudent to make any changes that you do plan to make while still on 10.5, just to eliminate a variable if you have a problem later. I’ve been trying to install 1.3.4, and having some problems, but don’t know why yet.

I would be careful upgrading. I upgraded and my drobo and droboshare worked fine. The droboshare worked fine as well. All the droboapps that I am using no longer work.

For me, it is the droboapps that I need to work to make the droboshare more that a glorified, expensive, slow hard drive. When I upgraded my firmware, those apps no longer worked. I cannot access the Drobo-admin page on 8080. I cannot use Time Machine.

Setting this up is a time intensive task that I solved once. If they don’t make the software side of this more robust and get the software cleaned up, it will not make any difference how simple it is to hook one drobo up to one computer. That is not what people are doing, they are hooking it up to networks.

My Drobo and Droboshare is currently a glorified, expensive, unconnected hard drive (soon to be listed on ebay?- stay tuned)

Make sure you check this before upgrading, esp for Gen 1 drobos: