Drobo Firmware 1.3.4 1st Gen Drobos Still Having Update Problems from 1.3.0

Well two of my first gen Drobos are still stuck at 1.3.0 I am experiencing the same difficulty upgrading to 1.3.4 as I was with 1.3.3 It seems several people are having this problem with 1.3.0 as well, and there does not seem to be a sufficient response from Drobo on this problem. I was able to upgrade my 2nd gen Drobo from 1.3.3 to 1.3.4 without a problem. There definitely seems to be something weird going on with the 1st gen Drobos and 1.3.0 firmware.



+1 mine will not update either.

Can you both please open a support case?

@ billzed@gmail.com , was your 2nd gen drobo on USB or FW?

You are doing the manual update on both? Same instructions and same firmware download?

Rename the tdz file.
Change the .tdz to .zip.
Extract that contents of the zip file.

One should be a rev1 and a rev2 tdf files.

rev1 is for a 1st generation drobo.
rev2 is for a 2nd generation drobo.

Then go back into dashboard, advanced controls > tools tab > hold down CTRL key and click on “check for updates”.

Select the appropriate tdf file for the upgrade.

I was just on the drobo website. They do not show the downloads for the firmware files. Where can I get the updates?
I am on 1.3.0 and it refuses to automatically update.

Any help or links to the files would be great thanks.

I have the same problem it is stuck on 1.3.0 firmware and I’m looking everywhere and can’t find a manual download for the firmware. Can anyone please post a link for 1.3.4 or 1.3.5 firmware.

Could it be that I’m still on mac OS 10.4.11 ?

Another random question…

My drobo says there is 750gigs of free space and when i open the drobo it only shows 4.gigs free and I even just added a new 1.5TB drive over the 750Gig and still says 4gigs. Would it be the firmware that’s the problem?