Drobo Failure - 5N

Hi All,

My Drobo suffered a hardware failure which I’m told is not repairable. The device hasn’t skipped a beat for a number years. Sourcing a new replacement has proven to be not possible. I have sourced a second hand device, but before I purchase I need to know how I can recover my data from the current drives. Is it simply a matter or putting the drives into the device.

Also is there a process required to register the device as second hand through Drobo for essential support such as resets etc.?

Thanks in advance.

Hello there!

Migrating your disk pack from your failed 5N to your new-to-you 5N is as simple as moving your disk pack to the new device. This is fully supported:

It is recommended the Drobo units should have matching firmware, but in my experience, newer firmware is better at recognizing stuff from older firmware than vice versa. So here’s how I recommend you move your data:

  • With no drives inserted, turn on the functional Drobo 5N
  • Upgrade the firmware to the latest version available
  • Shutdown
  • Install drives in the same order they were inserted in your old unit
  • Power on

That should do the trick!



Thanks Dom Wonderful