Drobo Face Plate Issue

Hey all.

I recently purchased a Drobo and (2) 1.5tb hard drives. So far i am really enjoying the simplicity of this in comparison to my previous setup, however i do have one slight issue.

Whenever i attach the faceplate to my drobo the whole device starts to oscillate and deliver a very annoying hum. This vibration i am sure is not part of the design and when i remove the face plate the noise vanishes.

Do i have a design fault with my Drobo? I only had it delivered yesterday and this problem is unfortunately straight out of the box,

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.


My Drobo v2 doesn’t oscillate or make any noise with or without the faceplate on. There is the occasional noise of the hard drives or the fan, but it’s not loud or even noticeable, really. There is definitely no noise of the faceplate rattling or anything like that.

You might try contacting DR support to see if they can ship you a new unit.

If you still have free drive slots in your drobo, then try to reorder your drives so that they are in different slots. You can do this when drobo is turned off.

Thanks for the replies so far guys. Reorganising the drives or even removing the drives completely has no effect as to the noise caused by the face plate being attached. Would it be worth contacting drobo directly or, considering the device was purchased yesterday, go directly through the website i made the purchase from?



Mine does it as well, cheap components when they get warm, buckle. I think the face plate on mine has buckled, only a tiny amount, consequently it does not sit flush so vibrates when the drives are spinning.

A touch of bluetak in one corner fixes it. Kind of a shame for such an expensive product, but there you go.

Interesting to hear I’m not the only one having this issue, however for a brand new drobo I would at least expect this sort of issue to not exist. I can understand, overtime heat causes issues but for a new product this should not be the case. I am going to consider returning it (which would of course be a pain in the a$$!). Thanks for your input.



My faceplate generates this humming too. I resolved this by attaching a some little pieces of foam at the sides of the plate (without covering the ventilation holes), now it fits tight in place and the humming is gone