Drobo error message everytime I wake my mac

So I let my mac hibernate when I am not using it and the drobo sleeps as well, but everytime I wake up my computer, I always get an error message saying that I improperly disconnected a drive. Drobo shuts off and then restarts and is working within a minute or two, but I usually let me comp sleep once or twice a day.

Is this bad for Drobo?

From our KB Article : Why do I get a “Disk Removal Error” when Drobo or DroboPro awakens from sleep (Mac)?

This issue appears after the following sequence:

You wake up your Mac.
Drobo or DroboPro sounds like it is waking up. Then all drive lights turn red and all of the blue lights come on.
Drobo or DroboPro then reboots itself.
The Mac’s “device removal” warning appears after reboot.
The Data Robotics engineering team has looked at this problem closely. The team concluded that the most likely cause is a bad drive that is taking too long to spin up. Whenever drive(s) don’t spin up properly or promptly, Drobo and DroboPro perform a controlled reboot.

Try these tests to identify a drive or bay that is misbehaving:

Safely shut down Drobo or safely shut down DroboPro.
Move drives to different bays. Ensure each drive is firmly seated.
Reboot Drobo by first connecting the data cable and then connecting the power cord. Reboot DroboPro by flipping the power toggle on the back of DroboPro.
Retry your sleep test to see if the pattern has stopped.
You can also try this same sequence but remove one drive at a time from your drive pack before rebooting and retrying your sleep test. If a drive is bad, the misbehavior should stop when the bad drive is removed.

I am having this issue with a new drobo (1.3.4) with two identical new samsung HD154UI drives BUT the drobo does not “sound like it is waking up” it displays no lights it just remains dark (I can see the green light on the mainboard inside if I look at the back) and unattached after a wake from sleep. I looked in the knowledgebase and here but did not see this addressed. I do get the improper removal error from my Mac and if I disconnect the firewire 800 cable and reconnect it the drobo springs to life!

@dawnview I would recommend opening a support case.

I continually have both these problems and Data Robotics are looking into it and have been for sometime. I have suggested that if Drobo is seeing a drive as going bad, then it should alert the user in teh dashboard rather than doing this reboot as you don’t know what drive it thinks is bad. Perhaps the Drobo needs to wait a little longer to let the drives spin up.


do you think its bad that my drobo sleeps every night with my mac?

@hotnsexysnare Yes, it is bad that your drobo sleeps everey night with your mac, if they don’t use protection.

Sorry, couldn’t stop my self :slight_smile:

Thanks Jennifer, I have put the drobo in standby, removed power, then carefully reseated the drives and I (so far) have not gotten any error messages. If I wake the system the lights eventually come back on, or come on almost immediately if I access the drive. I will open a case if I get any more error messages. Thanks for your help!