Drobo Enterprise Support

Why does drobo not have any mission critical support? Not even weekend support. Yesterday I was able to call Buffalo about a linkstation duo that cost 1/10th of a drobo elite.

Today my drobo elite 2 weeks old (which is seemingly dead) is offline and I no have to wait until 9AM EST before anyone at Drobo is even up. My entire Network is offline and no one from Drobo will even be in the office until 9AM EST.

Where did U get ur DroboElite? Did U order the unit directly from DRI online store? The reason I asked those questions is DroboElite is usually being sold by SIs w/ expertises in VMware ESX/vSphere & Hyper-V and/or XenSever and they including us usually provide 24x7 support to our enterprise customers in the form of an extended DroboCare services. Since it’s an extended DroboCare, most of our DroboPro/DroboElite customers preferred to buy in pair. Hope ur reseller partner can assist you to resolve ur “dead” Elite. Did it just “dead” w/o any vital sign or the volume was dismounted?