Drobo Email not working

I’m trying to configure the Drobo Email Settings using my gmail account and I cannot get the test message to work. I get a popup saying “An error occurred while sending the test email. Cause: Interrupted.” I have my email address and password entered correctly. I have smtp.gmail.com as the mail server and port 465 set. What’s wrong?

hi again kentinada :slight_smile:

if you try some of the ideas on this thread, do they manage to help with your emails? (possibly on page 2)

i guess at the moment, you are getting (kenti)nada emails :smiley:


ah ok please hang in there kentinada and hopefully a solution can be found[hr]
btw can you see any firewall blocks in the logs (if you have one) just in case the dashboard was not able to establish a connection out to send an email? (if you have access to a packet inspection tool or connections tool, you could try to see what connections are made and what sort of data is communicated to see where in the process it gets to?)

No firewall issues. I don’t have access to packet inspection.

Check this thread…