Drobo Elite locked with new Dashboard

Mac OSX 10.11.3 on a MacPro cylinder. This Elite’s been iScisi’d via ATTO and works quite well by itself on this MacPro’s 2nd NIC as an HFS mass storage device. Within the past several days, Drobo released Dashboard 2.8. After the system’s dashboard was upgraded to 2.8, the Elite’s icon within Dashboard now appears with an orange padlock. Fine, but it does not unlock (presumably needs to be to run any sort of Dashboard utility or maint. function on the Elite). I’ve verified that the username and password are entered correctly -haven’t changed them in many moons and have successfully logged in within the past several months. With nowhere else to turn, I submitted a bug or trouble report - whatever Drobo calls them. I had to re-register the Elite because apparently in an earlier life, Drobo Corp. didn’t bother passing along reg. info to whomever’s been periodically buying them out. Response a day later was that the reg. did not match the purchase date. I replied with acknowledgment that it’s old, etc., but still work well. Apparently that was enough for Drobo support to round file the issue. So, now I come to the forum . . . anyone experiencing log-in problems on an Elite or ’ i ’ after installing Drobo Dashboard 2.8? Anyone ever been locked out of an Elite. To clarify, it still works great as a mass storage HFS device, I just can’t log in via Dashboard. Other direct connect and network Drobo devices continue to work normally.

Hello edanderson,
We do want to take a closer look at this. Would you email me at followup@drobo.com with the support incident number.

Thank You

DroboMod Dude - All is well. I tried to un-install 2.8 and revert to 2.7.x, but found that 2.8 installed something that the earlier version doesn’t like and I know better than to ‘uninstall’, which leads to iScsi driver hell. I re-installed 2.8. After 2.8 launched and stabilized, the orange lock turned green and un-locked. No input from my end. Very strange, and a little unnerving. But, again, without any real explanation, Drobo voodoo comes through again.