Drobo Elite B800i Constant Reboots, Out of Warranty

Continuous reboots. OK with all drives out and ok with just 1 drive out… I popped out 1 drive tried it… it boots, and says too many drives are out… I put the one drive back in and the reboots happen again. I popped out a different drive and the same thing. When I arrived to the site the unit was not pingable,it had the top blue light on and the bottom power light… Graceful shutdown would not work (no blinking light while holding power button in). Pulled the power, waited 25 seconds, plugged it back in and that is when the reboots started. It wont mount at all unless I pull 1 drive or all drives.

the top 4 capacity lights light before the reboot. Any ideas?

hi vulcan,
can i check when you say it does “mount” but only when all (or 1 drive) is out…

does this mean that when 1 drive is out, your data volume actually mounts? (or the drobo just “boots up” and says too many drives are out, and no volumes appear?)

The volume does not mount, just boots up and appears in Drobo Dashboard. It then complains too many drives are missing. What I find odd is it will report that even if 1 drive is out and does not matter which drive.

thanks for the info vulcan,

as far as know, any drobo model which is itself working, should show up as a recognised model in dashboard (and appear empty). If you have powered down, and removed all of your disk pack drives, and then powered up just the empty drobo, and it appeared to dashboard in this way, then it unfortunately seems like there are one or more issues with some of the drives in your disk pack. (possibly more simultaneous drive errors than the unit could cater for)

can you remember approximately how much used and free space there was on the drobo (or at least how many blue led lights were usually lit up), along with which method of protection you were using?
for example was it Single (sdr) or Dual (ddr) drive redunancy?

i think even out of free support, there might be a way for you to create a 1-time cheaper support ticket, if you wish, as its possible some diagnostics while the drives are out could help to pinpoint with the support team which drive(s) have the errors, and then you could try a cloning process, as mentioned within this thead:

please be careful in the meantime though when putting any drives back in so that they only are put in when power is OFF to avoid any overwrites.

Hey Paul, I think you helped me long ago with a weird ISCII issue on a Server 2003 issue where it would tie up the Ethernet channels forever. If so, good to see you again! I actually just did the factory reset and the unit is running just fine now. I re-iped it made a new volume/formatted it and it is good to go. It was SDR btw and it was pretty full, yellow warning at 16tb. we have a B1200I that does most of our backups so this one only does Fridays each week, so a factory reset was not that bad. Sorry for the delay I was out of the office until now. I hope my solution helps someone down the road :slight_smile:

ah thats ok, if that was me cool too i forgot, and am glad this particular issue is sorted out too for you :slight_smile: