Drobo Duel connected via Firewire and a Droboshare

I was thinking of getting a small computer to run as a media PC to stream all my content on my Drobo to my home entertainment system. I would like to have it connected via firewire but I already have the Drobo connected to a DroboShare that I access from my laptop for backups and general storage.

Now will the Drobo be accessible to both the DroboShare and the Firewire at the same time?


No - it is one or the other.

If you plug it into a computer you will be able to duplicate all the functionality of the DroboShare with the right software.

If your media PC is on 24/7, then you don’t need the DroboShare, just use your media PC to share it.

Duel = fight with swords (or guns)
Dual = two

Sorry, pet peeve.

My Drobo is plugged into my always-on media pc too :slight_smile:

Can the Drobo still be plugged into the Mac if you plug it into the Droboshare, or do you have to keep unplugging things? If you unplug the firewire cable can you unplug that cable from the Drobo instead of the Mac? My Mini’s FW800 port seems flimsy and is inconvenient in any case.



it can only be connected to one thing at once, i.e. droboshare OR a single computer

Cable connection can be disconnected at either end.