Drobo + DroboShare = Resetting Itself

Hi All,

I have been using my Drobo for about 2 weeks now via FW800. I recently purchased a Droboshare off a friend. I am not sure whether I am doing something wrong or if this Droboshare is faulty. But for some reason, when Drobo is connected to DroboShare it resets the drobo and it has to boot up again. Then it works fine, until the next time it reboots. However, when connected via FW800, it works perfectly.

I am running Mac OS X 10.6 using the latest versions of firmware on Drobo Dashboard, Drobo and DroboShare.

Any advice is appreciated.



So are you saying that when the Drobo is connected to DroboShare, the Drobo is rebooting periodically/randomly/unintentionally?

Yes that is correct. When I am copying either large amounts of data to the drobo or streaming tv shows from the drobo it will randomly reset the drobo. This can happen once or twice every 15-20 minutes. Very annoying and this cannot be good for the drobo or the drives!

What kind of drives do you have and what are their sizes?

Your power brick on your power supply, what’s the Part Number (p/n)?

And is there a white “REV01” sticker on it?

Are you using the “Y” cable with one power supply or 2 power supplies?

Hmm… in that case I may be encountering the same issue as I’ve noticed my DroboShare disconnects then reconnects. The odd thing is that it didn’t do this before I had multiple machines accessing it simultaneously.

I will have to monitor my setup more closely when I get a chance. BTW: Nice avatar Jennifer!

All drives are WD 2TB SATA II

Power Brick part number start with AE
Yes I am using the “Y” cable.

Why do you think it is to do with power, rather than the droboshare not being able to handle high amounts of traffic.

@bhiga: thank you very much. Getting into the Halloween spirit!

@deancorp: Because you did NOT mention that the disconnects happened during high amount of traffic. Just that it’s been resetting itself since connecting the DroboShare. (And i was typing my note while you answered bhiga’s question so I didn’t see the comment about it happening during traffic.)

If it’s disconnecting randomly, that would lead me to believe it’s a power issue. There were some Drobo’s that were sent out with a weaker powersupply and when connecting a drobo with the bigger drives there isn’t enough juice to keep everything up and running.

But if it’s disconnecting during heavy traffic, I would first recommend directly connecting that drobo back to your mac and running Repair Disk from Disk Utility.

just to point out for anyone looking, power issues normally show up during the spin up of the drives depending on make. this is when the unit uses the peak amount of power.

Hi Jennifer,

You didn’t mention what to do following the disk repair. I purchased my drobo + droboshare about 9 months ago and saw the same behavior with heavy traffic (copying large files to/from drobo via droboshare and accessing droboshare from more than 1 PC at the same time). I was not the only one experiencing this issue having read that a number of people were returning/selling their droboshares due to this issue.

Following the constant restarts I quickly stopped using the droboshare so as not to risk my data. I instead plugged the drobo into my PC via USB and shared the drive on the network.

I had hoped in the time since my issue first occurred that a firmware upgrade may have resolved the problem. I’m assuming that is still not the case and I wasted my money on the droboshare. Is this correct?

After using disk repair put the drobo back on your droboshare.

Hi All,

I have the exact same issue as described here: Drobo connected to DroboShare rebooting when under high load. No issue when Drobo is directly connected to my computer. I’ve tried multiple disk repairs from my Mac, then back on DroboShare, no change.

I have a case opened with Drobo support for a few weeks already, I’ve been sending them my diagnostic logs, they replaced my Drobo, no change, they provided me a second power supply, no change, they now have provided me with a new DroboShare, no change.

This is a pitty this issue cannot be solved. What can we do to help you find us a solution? Do someone knows a way to install a different linux distro on this DroboShare? It seems to me that the kernel is getting a bit outdated and possibly newer version of it or of some drivers could help here.

Are the other of you experiencing this issue using HFS+ formated Drobo or some other format?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this issue.

I observe the same issue here. During a longer data transfer at high speed, the drobo reboots. I made a file system check. The result was two minor defects,which could be repaired by the service tool. After the repair the same behaviour occured: still reboots.

I think that what actually happens, is that the reboot itself is causing this filesystem errors that get corrected afterward. I don’t think that the reboot occurs because of such error.

I’ve been in touch with Drobo support again and they now ask me to change my disks, but I don’t have spare disk I can try. I’m also wondering why the disks would be faulty when the Drobo is running perfectly, under high load as well, when directly connected to my Mac.

I’m getting disapointed by this DroboShare.