Drobo/Droboshare only see from 1 mac on same subnet

my Drobo gen2 was fine with FW800 to my iMac, all sw/fw updated.
Installed on lan and droboshare appeared, drobo dashboard also accessed the droboshare without problems.
However the macmini on same subnet did not have the droboshare appear and running drobodashboard on this macmini does not find any drobo.
smb://“droboip” however mounts the drive.
Any ideas how to get the macmini’s drobodashboard to see the droboshare?


What dashboard version are you running?
What OS are you running?

Running Mac OS X 10.5.8 on iMac and macmini and here is the Drobo data:

Version 1.6.1 (1.6.23555)
Drobo #1 (Drobo)
Drobo S/N: TDC084xxxxxx
Drobo Firmware: v1.3.5 [1.252.21110]
DroboShare: DroboShare
DroboShare S/N: TDA091xxxxxx
DroboShare Firmware: v1.1.2 [51.14990]
Volumes: Drobo


Any firewall or anti-virus on that mac mini.
Usually those are the culprits when dashboard does not see the droboshare but you can still mount it.