Drobo.Droboshare ->back to DAS-> repair> now no access

Drobo 30% used, Droboshare
OSX 10.5
Firmware update on 12 Dec 09

0. Was working perfect as FW800 DAS

  1. Add Droboshare i.e. DAS-> NAS, but very slow, and increasing instances of unable to complete copies of photolibraries (iphoto and aperture), unable do delete iphoto library file, and even documents (Drobocopy not completing)
  2. standby and reconnect w FW only, run DiskUtil, verify -> numerous errors
  3. DiskUtil, repair, after 55mins “repair complete”
  4. reboot -> Drobo no longer appears, in a reboot forever cycle (all reds, all blue, shut off, repeat)

Help! what should I do now?


Best bet is to call Tech Support before you do any further troubleshooting.