Drobo/DroboS swap

I’ve got a first generation drobo with latest firmware and a drobo S. The first gen performance is abysmal and I really should have had them in the other locations.

If the Drobo S is set to single disk redundancy, would I be able to swap the drives into the first generation drobo without losing all my data?

I assume putting the drobo drives into the drobo S shouldnt be a problem.

I’m willing to try it, but I know drobo just starts formatting as soon as you put drives in if they arent recognized drobo drives. Really don’t want to lose the data on the drobo S.

Any suggestions/help ?

it wont format them if they are the ONLY drives in there - it will only format if you already have a disk pack in there and then any new drives you you add will be added to it

have you read this:


I have read that. It basically says to just copy everything using a computer for Drobo-Drobo S.

What I’m more concerned about is Drobo S to Drobo 1st gen. Ideally I’d like to just shrink the Drobo S to 4 drives and dump em right into the first generation Drobo. But I’m worried the Drobo will just format them and I’ll lose that data.

You can move drives from a 4 bay Drobo to a DroboS, but it is a one way transition. Once the drives have been installed in a DroboS they are not readable in the 4 bay Drobo, all you will get from Dashboard is “Dashboard detected an incompatible firmware on these drives”.

With migrating to the DroboS, as long as your Drobo and DroboS have the latest firmware and the drive pack was created running firmware 1.0.3 or later you can migrate the drive to the DroboS.

If the drive pack was created on a firmware before 1.0.3 you will get the same message about the firmware from Dashboard.

Again I’m more concerned migrating the data from the Drobo S to the 4-bay original Drobo. So you’re saying its not possible.

Looks like I’d have to use a computer.

Thanks for your help everyone.