drobo drive help..

i have a problem and hope someone in here can help me… i am using a drobo S … Its been fine until all my drives was full and it played up going through a start up over and over again… Cut a story short… i rest the drobo and placed 2 new hard drives in which works perfect again… and its updated with firewall and dashboard… The problem is my old drives which still have data on and really i need… i thought i could place back the old into drobo and read the data of them but instead it reads the drive as new and prompts me to format it before use like normal which is the last thing i want… I been told the drobo changes the format of drive so the drive can not be placed back into a normal PC to read or use again … So the help i need is how do i get the data of my old drives which are not being used at the moment? Can use something GetDataBack for NTFS ? to restore my files back onto my PC ? or is there another way using the drobo to read the old data on the drives … Can anyone help?

You will not be able to get any data from those two drives.

You had 5 drives, originally. Your DroboS was spreading your files ACROSS all 5 drives. That is what Beyond RAID does.

Did you reset the DroboS/ reformat and then replace 2 drives in the Drobo?

I suspect if you lost all your data when you reset the Drobo and put in two new drives, that some of your original data could be on the two old drives. I would think you might be able to take out all the current drives from the Drobo. Put those two old drives into the Drobo. Try to read out whatever data is contained on the pack of two disks.

Originally i has 5 drives set in my drobo then it asked me to replace one due to lack of space… When i did this the drobo did not notice the new drive and kepted asking to replace as new drive and re-starting over and over again… to stop this problem (which now i regret) is to click on reset on my dashboard (and nothing else was clicked,no format) then i moved the 5 drives out and placed 2 new drives back in… which then the drobo noticed the drives and ask me to format the new drives as normal and now is working… The Problem is some of the 5 drives i placed back in drobo thinking i could read them again but instead the drobo see’s the drives then ask’s me to format them before the drives and space is updated onto the drobo… It will not let me read them or see any data on them which i need… So how do i get all my data of my 5 drives? …Someone told me GetDataBack for NTFS would collect my data back if i place the drives back into the PC? I need help to collect that data of my 5 drives… Thank you :slight_smile:

Your disk pack of 5 disk was formatted by the Drobo and your data was stored using BeyondRAID. The data is protected across all 5 drives, and stored across all 5 drives. I don’t believe that there is any way you are going to be able to read the data off those disks, UNLESS you place them all together into the Drobo. The Drobo is the only thing that can read the data( aside from sending the disks to DRI).

Did you actually let the Drobo format any of these original disks? If you didn’t, then you have some hope.

If you have the original 5 disks, and have not allowed your Drobo to reformat them:
So, my advice, is get your original 5 drives, don’t use the replacement drive that you put in and caused the restarts.
Power down the DroboS, remove the two drives that are in there now.
Install your original set of 5 disks ( order should not matter).
Start up the Drobo.

Swapping out diskpacks
From Drobo Support


[] Moving disks from one system to another must be done as a pack or as a whole set.
] Moving a disk individually will erase all data on that disk and add the space to the capacity of the destination system.

I took your advice and removed the new 2 drives in the drobo and replaced them back with the original 5 drives… The drobo lights all come up solid red lights with the dashboard saying > You have removed or replaced to many hard drives from your drobo at the same time. Re-insert the hard drives you removed… Seems like i reset the drobo before it does read the old drives but only the 2 new ones… So it seems i have hard drives that are worthless… Can the hard drives ever be used back into a PC or only used in a drobo after once used in one. It seems a waste if have more then 5 drives and only a 5bay drobo to use them in…

OK, if you reset the DroboS when it had the original 5 disks in it, that would have erased all your data on that diskpack.

I would suggest to contact DRI. I don’t think you have any chance to recover your data on your own.

As to using the drives any further, if you are going to pursue data recovery, don’t attempt to do anything else with them.
If you decide the data is lost and to move on, then yes, you can certainly re-use those disks in either the Drobo or a PC or Mac.
In the PC, the drive will need to be initialized and then formatted. In Disk Management.

Oh dear yeah thats not good news… Well thank you for your all help and advice on this matter it has been very helpful, :)[hr]
Oh dear yeah thats not good news… Well thank you for your all help and advice on this matter it has been very helpful, :slight_smile:

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