Drobo DR from 810n to 800fs

Will Drobo DR replicate on the same local network from a newer 810n unit to an older 800fs unit?

hi mcharry, from looking at the pages in this section, it seems to be possible:
im not 100% sure though so it would probably be best to wait for some more users to confirm, or if you need a quick answer it might be good to also email the drobo sales team to help confirm too.

Sorry, that is not supported. You can, however, try to setup a simple rsync replication of data manually. It will require some effort and a bit of Unix shell knowledge.

thanks ricardo,

when i saw some of the pages within that section, and links regarding “Configuring the Destination Drobo NAS device (Pro FS/B800fs/B810n)” and “Configuring the Source Drobo NAS device (Pro FS/B800fs/B810n)”, it seemed that it was, so thank you for that important confirmation,