Drobo DR, DroboAccess and MyDrobo

We recently set up Drobo DR on a second Drobo and since have been unable to access DroboAccess. DroboAccess has been continually “registering” when we try to change the url or delete the url it does NOT work.

Getting DroboAccess back up and running is critical to our operation.

Any help would be appreciated.

Did any one fix this issue ???
My drobo error
There seems to be connectivity problems with the myDrobo servers (unable to establish a secure connection). Please check your Internet connection, and try again later
No one at drobo knows why ? also have my drobo is not registered and drobo said they are mmm again don’t know why ?

You are not alone, I have exactly the same problem. Seems that Drobo can’t admit that these APPs are not working and will not be fixed soon. Next time will be look for better product.

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All I’m getting is a run around. always telling me its my fault a setting is messed up no trouble till the sale of the drobo company now they don’t know how to help I’d bet in the next few years there will be no drobo take the technology and put it in there boxes.