Drobo DR - 5N2 to remote site 5N2 setup help please?

Hello all,

It’s my 1st post here, so thanks in advance for any help. I have been using two Drobo 5N2’s on my local network for the last year or so. One as my main drive and one that is a back up of the main drive using the Drobo DR. The daily back up using the Drobo DR works very well with the IP address of the back up drive set up as the in the settings of the source drive.

Now I want to take my main drive with me to an off site office and leave my back up drive at home on the same network that is currently is on and I want the daily Drobo DR to continue to function!

My home network has a static IP address from the network service provider and I have a Vodafone router model HHG2500 that has an expert mode that would allow some configuration of Port forwarding etc.

The trouble is that I’m just not clever enough to figure out how to configure it by myself! I think that;

  1. I need to put the ip address of my router (the fixed ip address provided by my ISP) in the settings of the source drive to replace the that I currently use for LAN Drobo DR?
  2. I need to set up some port forwarding or other configuration in my Vodafone HHG2500 router?
  3. Possibly some firewall rules / changes?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I love my Drobos and this next step of having my back up Drobo off site would be a great next step to keep my data secure from fire / flood / physical theft of the drive.

Please remember that I am pretty stupid / uneducated in this department! So baby talk would be really useful.



Anyone? There seems to be very limited information on the offsite Drobo DR; which is disappointing.