Drobo doesnt recognize disk

Hey guys, so heres my situation. I previously had 4 500GB drives in my gen 2 drobo. It was at 90% capacity so I decided to upgrade.

The yellow light was on for the first drive, so I replaced it with a 2TB drive. The array now looked like this:


After a lengthy relayout of the data (almost a day), it stated the drive was still at the same capacity, and the rest of the 2TB drive was reserved for expansion (I expected this). The yellow light was on for the second drive, so i replaced it with a 2TB, making the new array

2TB (with data)
2TB (no data)

Now the lengthy relayout was underway, however my computer crashed about an hour in. I reset my computer, and booted into windows. Drobo now stated that too many drives were removed. Now the picture looked like this

(Add new drive)
2TB (no data)

In addition, all four red lights were next to each of the bays. When resetting the drobo, four blue lights of information were scanned (the amount there was before the failure), but then all the blue lights go on and the 4 red lights go on.

So i removed the first drive and reinserted it. The drobo (or the hard drive) made a loud short beep, and no change was made in the array picture. Drobo refuses to recognize the drive with all my data in it. Even when i insert it into another bay, that bay will appear blank. Does anyone know what is causing this? Can the drobo be forced to recognize the drive? Can the data be recovered from the drive? Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

I think that the Drobo marks a drive bad, which it seems to have done with your 1st 2TB disk. It will continue to identify it as faulty wherever you put it, or remove it and try to put it back next month.
Maybe if you put the disk into a desktop or USB caddy and reformat it, then take it back to Drobo, it might be of use.
Not sure if this is the most helpful advice.

But if i reformat wouldnt i lose all my data? i dont care if i need to buy another 2TB and place a fresh one in to have the drobo working again, but i would like to retain my data, which i assume is mostly on the 2TB drive that is not recognized.

SOmeone smarter than I could explain it properly, but that 1st 2TB disk that you put in and it worked for a little while? It didn’t contain all of your data. The Drobo BeyondRAID technology has spread your data across all of the disks, so that when one disk failed, the data is still protected. So, if your first disk failed out, then you could pull that drive out and replace it. Your data is still on the Drobo, spread across the remaining drives.

If I read your situation correctly, your data was protected on 4*500GB drives. You upgraded 1st disk to 2TB. It went OK. (Now your data was protected across all 4 drives) Then you put 2nd 2TB in and that is when there was a computer issue and red lights.
Here is what I would do, put a 500GB back into the 1st disk space and let the Drobo rebuild across the disks.
2- 2TB
3- 500GB
4- 500GB.

Of course, I have all my data backed up on other drives. But, I have run into this situation during a disk upgrade, and I had to put the old smaller disk back in, let it rebuild, then figure out which bad new disk I had and return it.
Good luck.

When i tried that, it showed all those drives as present, however still stated that too many hard drives are removed. i think it is because it had started to reconfigure when i had two 2 TB drives in with the 500s? either way i tried your suggestion with both of the removed 500GB drives with no luck

Sorry about your troubles. I would definitely phone support and confirm understanding each action with them before proceeding. You are in an unprotected state, so tread very carefully.

Yes i did, they tried a couple things. Didnt work. A tier 2 rep was supposed to get back to me yesterday morning but still waiting


i read somewhere that you can plug in the drobo holding the reset pin to be able to use drives marked as bad. will this delete my data?

If do a pin-reset with drives in the Drobo, yes your disk pack will be completely erased and your data will be gone.

Any self-diagnosis/troubleshooting at this point is likely to make things worse.
I would ping support again if you haven’t heard back from them.