Drobo does not mount

I have the the problem that there is no Droboshare in the finder visible and drobo does not mount.
Drobo is in Drobo Dashboard visible, 84% used space, 3x 1TB and one 500GB drive,
but the blue lights on drobo are all off!! (the four bay lights are green, btw.)
firmware versions:
Drobo Dashboard: 1.5.1
Drobo Firmware: 1.3.4
DroboShare Firmware: 1.1.2
running Mac OSX 10.5.8
So i shut down drobo and droboshare, and connected the Drobo directly to the Mac via USB.
Now 8 of the 10 blue lights are on, DroboDashboard shows drobo, but there wasn’t any volume available!!!
Then I discovered that OSX was running FSCK_HFS, and as i stopped this process the volume Drobo was available, again.
Going back to the Droboshare connection doesn’t help. Still no blue lights, no mounting of the drobo volume!
I can ping the Droboshare, but I dont get a ssh connection to dropbear! (connection refused)
Also DroboApps Admin doesn’t work.

Can anybody help?


Well, I’m sorry, can’t really help. But you may perform a “disk repair” (e.g. via diskutil or DiskWarrior). It least this would stop FSCK_HFS from running. (Well, diskutil failed for me regarding volume header…)

On the other hand I’ve a similar problem: I can mount Drobo via USB / FW. But via DroboShare it doesn’t work. I can ping DroboShare, but smb is inaccesable (connection refused), also dropbear (ssh) didn’t work anymore. I already perform a reset as described in the KB. Even Drobo Dashboard doesn’t find my DroboShare. (I’ve installed the latest firmware versions.)

I still wonder why DroboShared broke…

If FSCK is running that means it found some corruption.
I would recommend letting it complete or running Disk Utility or even Disk Warrior.

Normally if there is data corruption, the volumes won’t mount on a droboshare.

Hi dietmars,

droboshare does not react for the same reason (disk is corrupt)
I have solved this issue like this: connect via usb or firewire, let FSCK_HFS running -
for me this takes more than 12 hours - be patient!
(Or use another tool, where you can see the progress)
After this reconnect the drobo to the droboshare.
Now both devices work together, again!

Best Regards

Thanks, but I already did that. Still doesn’t work… very strange indeed.
And yes, I can attach Drobo via USB / FW without problems.
I think it’s time to open a support request… (but before this I will remove all disks and insert a “blank” hard drive… if this works I may need to reformat which wouldn’t be funny since filling already took me several days :frowning: )

“The queen is not amused!”

– dietmars


My DroboShare lives again! What did I do?

  • Removed all hard discs from Drobo and inserted a fresh hard disc. This step may be useless but it’s what I did. (Of course after power down.)

  • Performed again http://support.datarobotics.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/84/related/1 ("How do I reset DroboShare back to default settings (to clear a static IP address, password, timestamp, or for any other reason)? ") Maybe I didn’t follow the steps on the first try correctly.

  • After power on DroboShare was accessable again.

  • Turned it off again, inserted all (real) discs again, power on: All data still there (of course).

Well, so I’m happy again. But have to appologize to the OP for hijacking his thread. And a big thank you to everyone who tried to help.

– dietmars

If Drobo works OK as DAS (without DroboShare), then it points to either the connection between Drobo and DroboShare, or the DroboShare itself.

My first suspicion would be that your DroboShare has lost its mind and needs an exchange.

I had the exact same issue yesterday. Drobo seen when connected with firewire, but not seen through Droboshare. All 4 disk leds being green, but no blue led.

I ran Disk Utility (verify disk) several times, it did not help. During one of the droboshare+drobo boot attempts, it got even more scary: all 4 disks blinking red.

As a last attempt I changed the connection between drobo and droboshare to use the other USB port on Droboshare and it worked.

Today I reverted to the original USB port on Droboshare and it also works, hopefully it was only a temporary issue.

I use a Drobo 2nd gen (1.3.5), droboshare 1.1.2, dashboard 1.5.1 and MacOs 10.6

The problem you have I think is caused by Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6), see the other thread for the work around.

No that’s not the case. The Snow Leopard issue is a minor one, the SMB mount not being mounted automatically after boot. There are easy workarounds.

In my case, all Drobo blue leds were turned off and it was not possible to connect to drobo, neither via a mount, nor via ssh.