Drobo disconnects erratically

My 2nd Gen Drobo, which has performed beautifully till now, will no longer connect (via Firewire 800) to my MacbookPro (10.6.2).

At first it started going sleep when it shouldn’t, i.e. when computer was still awake and in use, and I’d have to reboot the Drobo unit to get a connection again.

I’ve updated firmware and dashboard to the latest versions (as of yesterday), and now it’s gotten even worse, in that it won’t connect at all.

I reversed the drive order (which I saw was a solution in a different thread), but to no avail. When I reboot, the unit goes through it’s diagnostics, will display the capacity and drive lights for a short period (but not connect), and then go to sleep. Orange power light will stay on and fan will be spinning.

Any ideas, please? Am I still eligible for support on this (bought in September 08)?

i would expect you would still get support, although if the unit is fault it may be a paid for repair, it depends on where you bought it (as in which country you are in)

open a support case with them and see what they say

I’m in Australia :frowning:

I’ll open a support case in the meantime.

Any troubleshooting ideas are welcomed.

Could it simply be the cable? (Semi-rhetorical question)

Replacing the cable will probably be the first thing support asks to you try. The issue does sound like it could be caused by a faulty cable.

Thanks. I’ll get a new cable and see what happens.

Edit: Actually, I’ve just seen something that does seem to confirm that it might be a cable issue. My Drobo just connected when I woke my Mac. After a couple of minutes it went to sleep again, but this time I noticed that I got an OS error alert, stating that the “drive was not disconnected correctly”, i.e. the kind of message you’d get if you pull the cable on a mounted drive.

well do let us know if that fixed it :slight_smile:

Yes, I certainly will do.

Surprisingly, not a common item in my local computer stores, so have a cable on order.

im not at all surprised that FW800 is a cable they have to order

If a new cable doesn’t help, try a USB connection to determine whether it’s a connection-specific fault. The FW port on one end might be on the way out (or a recent OS update might’ve confused the FW driver).

I was able to install a new FW cable today, and to my huge relief, my Drobo is toast no more.

I was hopeful after trying a USB cable yesterday and finding it worked too, but I’m very happy to have it confirmed when the FW cable arrived.

Thanks for your advice.

Good to hear the new cable worked!