Drobo dead after less than a month...

OK so as a Mac User and wanting to have a NAS server run iTunes for all my Mac’s there were few choices.

My friend put me onto Drobo/DroboShare and convinced me it was the best ever! So I blew the big money and got a new Drobo V2 and DroboShare. I added 4 - NEW 1.5TB WD Caviar Green HDD’s. With my 4 Mac’s, 3 AppleTV’s, PS3, and XBOX 360 this was going to be my end all solution! For the first 2 weeks it was awesome! I already had a digital video library over 200 and finished the last 75 movies putting them on the Drobo. Man I was set.
I work up yesterday and all 4 HDD lights on my Drobo were RED! How does 4 HDD’s fail at the same time. Not possible. Troubleshooting began. Reboot. Nothing. Turn Drobo off then reseat each drive. Nothing still rolling boot with all red lights. At this point I think I realized my data was gone. luckily I still have my old library (minus the 75+ movies I had added since I got the Drobo) on my Guardian Maximus RAID 1. So the real troubleshooting began. Insert 1 drive and reboot. Everything seems to come online. It says I need to format my drive. HFS+ and the waiting begins. After 30 minutes all is good with Drobo telling me to add more drive for data protection. I add the second drive. It goes into format/ adjustment mode which lasts about an hour. Now I got 2 HDD’s green and my Drobo seems to be coming back to life. So I insert a 3rd drive into the Drobo. BOOM. Everything goes RED and all drive show failed. Rolling boot over and over. I have tried this with different HDD’s as the 1, 2 & 3 drives. All 4 drives will work as the first drive and second drive but if any of the 4 drives is inserted into slot 3 it goes into the rolling boot. I have even went out and bought new drives just to make sure something was not wrong with my drives. Still my Drobo will not accept anything past drive bay 3. Very upsetting after such a large purchase for a NAS that is supposed to be “rock solid”.
But I opened a ticket with Support this afternoon. We will see but the whole time I can ping the IP address but of course have no access to any of my DroboApps. Half the time the Drobo Dashboard does not see the Drobo even after the upgrade to the new software. My last try was to bypass my network and hook my Drobo up to my MacBookPro via USB but that did not change anything at all. Hopefully support will get back to me soon. I will be home soon to troubleshoot.

TK# 100304-000056

Well, if it doesn’t work out for you, I’ll buy your AppleTV’s from ya.

Ok have your case, you should have an email with troubleshooting steps. :smiley:

Good news is, you’re still under warranty!

My kids would murder me. All of there movies are on their and they watch them on the 32" Visio mounted in the playroom. I just had to Gigabit ethernet my home because they are always using up our internal bandwidth. My pipe out is huge 25Mbps/5Mbps but my Apple Airport (I even have the newest version with dual antenna’s.) was so bogged down with the kids watching AppleTV, my wife watching AppleTV, me surfing/ downloading/ accessing other network elements, and my work PC using VPN back into my work network all via WiFi. So I ran CAT6 into every room and used LinkSys by Cisco EG0008 Gigabit Switches to get almost everything wired. We only have a few things still on WiFi or if someone wants to roam around with a Laptop.

PS on a side note Support was quick to respond. Cannot wait to get my Drobo back online.

I was kidding, I know how awesome they are because it’s the sole reason I have a Drobo. I think support will take care of ya. I had a big problem recently. Their advice, although radical, fixed me up and had me back on FW800 - ROCKSOLID in no time. It’s a good little box.

Just bought the DroboCare just to make sure I got all my options covered. Jennifer I registered my Drobo V2 on the website with the DroboCare Order #. Any questions please let me know.

Ditch the droboshare in my experience its dangerous with macs. The drobo is great, the share is not great. Its not great at all.

Drobo is still dead even after trying all there troubleshooting methods in multiple different ways with different drives, cables, PC’s, Mac’s, and still anything inserted into Bay 3 causing a rolling boot to occur. It also happens after you get Bay 1, 2, & 4 online ready to go then do a Standby and reboot it goes into the rolling boot again. Holding on the 866 # now. 7 minutes so far and still no answer.