Drobo Dashboard

Does Drobo Dashboard version 2.0.3 support Droboshare?
I installed it on OS X Lion and the Dashboard does not see my Drobos.
I have two 1st Gen attached to the Droboshare.
I have older versions of the software running on my other Macs and have had no issues. They have version 1.6 I think.
What is the version that everyone is using?

Unfortunately the DroboShare of ‘End of lifed’ a earlier this year. No Dashboard higher than 1.8 supports it I think. It should still continue to work fine using the older dashboard software.

@Eddie: regardless of life cycle, the documentation with v2.0.3 seemed to give me the impression that it would work with Drobo v2. However, I too found it not working for me, and return to Drobo Dashboard v1.84.