Drobo Dashboard won't recognize my Drobo

I just got a newer iMac and had been using an older version of Dasboard to run on my MacBook Pro. When I set up the iMac the Drobo was functional and was mounted and showed up in the finder.

The new iMac is OSX Mohave 10.14.6

The new iMac will not recognize when using the old version of Dashboard or the new version ( 2.6.0 or 3.5.0). I have rebooted the Drobo and the iMac with both versions. No success. I have no firewalls enabled in the OSX.

My Drobo is a Gen 2 or 3 but works just fine with no problems.

Can anybody help? Drobo isn’t responding?!

Can I assume that even when your Drobo is connected to the iMac that the Drobo initialises correctly and displays all Green? If so, can you first toggle the cable inputs on the iMac in case one is faulty?
If no joy there, can you connect your Drobo back with the MBP and have it visible? If that works, run the Apple Disk Utility on the Drobo.
Then try again to connect it back to the iMac after a full restart.

The problem isn’t that the Drobo isn’t recognized by the new computer. It shows up in the Mac Finder, and functions. I can read and write to it. The problem is with the Drobo Dashboard. The Drobo isn’t found when I try and look at the utilization and space remaining in the Drobo using the Dashboard.

OK. That was not as clear from your first post.

Can you check that both Drobo applications ‘Drobo Dashboard’ and ‘Drobo_Dashboard_uninstall’ are listed in your Applications list under System Installation, and that Drobo is listed as an Identified Developer (same information panel in System Installation/Software/Applications).

Thanks. I’m on an iMac so System Installation and System Installation/Software/Applications are not available to me.

When I downloaded the .dmg download folder from Drobo for a Mac, it came with an Install and Uninstall choice.

Yes, I’m using a Mac too. I incorrectly identified it as System Installation it should be System Information. What I want to see if if your Mac has accepted the application developer for the Drobo software.

Go to:
Apple (top left) - About This Mac, select ‘System Report’, select Software - Applications - select the 2 Drobo applications therein (if they are) and confirm whether the developer is classified as an ‘Identified Developer’

Both the Drobo and Uninstaller are Identified Developers. Screen shot attached.

The issue was resolved. Dashboard couldn’t access the Drobo while it was rebuilding itself. Once that process stopped, I was able to see the drobo from the Dashboard.

Thank you for your help!

Ken K.

Great to hear it resolved itself.

same problem here, but no resolution-app recognized developer for both

I’m using Catalina, 5K iMac