Drobo dashboard with FS and Mac OS catalina

Anyone have ideas or insight if there will be a dashboard update from 2.6.4 for an old FS

There is an update, just download the Dashboard software for another Drobo device. 3.4.2 is the latest I believe.

Thanks I just saw this. Just making sure that this will work with an old Drobo FS? I accidentally downloaded this onto our home media server thinking it was the previous version and it found the drobo without incident. The plan was to not update this old Mac Mini and use it to control the Drobo.

No dramas here; I’m running MacOS Mojave with Dashboard 3.4.2 and my ancient (still going strong) Drobo FS!

Cheers, Dug.

I installed it and works fine on one machine leaving the other.
However our 8 year old FS died today, if you have any ideas could you take a look at the other post?