Drobo Dashboard will not list all the active Drobos

As can be seen from my registration records, I own a:
Drobo (gen 3),
Drobo 5D,
Drobo 5N,
Drobo 5N2, and a
Drobo B810i.
In the past, I have owned many other Drobos.
The Drobos have always worked very well, HOWEVER, Drobo Dashboard has always been a hit-or-miss piece of software. While all the Drobos listed above appear on my iMac5 desktop, the Dashboard only shows the latter three—the first two DAS Drobos do not appear in the Dashboard. I have tried everything—I mean EVERYTHING— to get ALL the Drobos to appear in the Dashboard, but without success. In fact, the most recent Dashboard update (3.2.0) eliminated one of the DAS Drobos that somehow had magically managed to briefly show up in Dashboard.
Can anyone please advise? Please do not tell me to perform the routine troubleshooting exercises listed in the secret hard-to-find places on the Drobo website—I have managed to find them and try them ALL!
Thank you.