Drobo Dashboard Will Not Format Volume

My backups are to a Drobo Gen 2 with 4x2TB Hard drives in it. Has been running like this for a very long time.

This morning i got a message from Time Capsule that it couldn’t backup. I did a ton of searches that came to the conclusion of ‘nuke from orbit’ was best option.

I ‘reset’ the drobo, and went to recreate the volume.

Drobo Dashboard tells me it can’t format, and I should restart the dashboard.

I’ve done that + a whole lot more but it still won’t format. It see’s all 4 drives, shows them as green.

I’ve removed the drives, and reinserted them, they all come up green.

Still won’t format it from the dashboard.

FYI: I called Drobo. I have a Mac Pro 2006 edition (heh, they have GOT to come out with a new one soon)

Apparently with the latest dashboard/firmware and FIrewire 800 pre-2011 Mac’s need a patch. once that was on, it formatted fine and new backup is going. Since I updated to try and fix things, I made it worse :slight_smile: With the patch they provided (for my 3 year old Drobo) things worked fine after patch applied.

New time machine backup on newly formatted array going.

thats useful info for anyone else with an old mac

check how youve set your timemachine. i think theres a certain way it needs to be setup (so that the timemachine volume has a fixed limit (which is less than the total space of the drobo)

you might already know about how it should be setup, but in case not, have a look on the forum for more info here[hr]

Was the patch downloaded from the Drobo site somewhere? I have the exact same issue as you!