Drobo Dashboard software - won't log me in

So I got a Drobo and set it up last night.

Created an account in the Drobo Dashboard (Windows 8, version 2.5.2), logged in… all good.

This morning I check the dashboard and I’m logged out.

I log in, and it stays logged in for 1 second then logs out. Every time I log in, it just bumps me back.

I’ve put in a ticket but just wondering if anyone’s experienced this?

I have this same issue. Just received the 5N, setup the account, setup shares. A few hours later I go to login. I get logged in (Admin, Logout), then a second later, the link switches to Login.

double post

Since it’s a new setup, can you do pin hole reset and start all over again to see if you can repeat and reproduce the same problem?

I can log in from my Mac without any issues.

I just wiped and installed Windows 7 (because 8 is awful), and I’m having the same issues.

I just plugged in to my ethernet (vs. my router) as suggested by support, so we’ll see if it logs me out.


I got my first Drobo last night and had exactly this issue. Windows Pro 7 64bit, login to Drobo Desktop with the right credentials is followed within a second with a logout.

Using the same credentials on OS X 10.6.8, no issue - I can login and stay logged in normally. I also get the no issue using Windows Server 2012.

This was using Drobo Desktop 2.5.3 on Windows, and 2.5.4 on OS X.


Same issue on a fresh factory set 5n from Yosemite latest version. Admin logs in, the logs out within a second. My other MacBook running same OS cannot find the Drobo on network.

2015 and still no fix for this ?

I had a wonderfully working system till just few mins ago wiped my computer now I am no longer able to log in with the admin

form any computer in house not sure why.

Login for admin was same as the log in for my user account.

and i am able to log in with the user account and look at files but I have lost control of the drobo5n it self. ?

logs in then second logs me out when using the new dashboard.

Yah am bring this topic back form dead because it still something they need to look at.

but the admin and user controls for these things seem to be really flaky this is - yes a pin hole reset fixes it but this is the 4th time and the 2nd drobo 5n I have seen this happen to.

where the user accounts and or admin user rights get messed up be honest drobo ssytem seems to be really flaky.

at this point couple friends for company i worked at and my network it manager where looking at drobo for a NAS system but i had to tell them about all issues from frime ware to user right going mesisng up to using control of the drobo as a whole many times and the only fix has been a hard rest where you lose every thing - which ended up turning them all off to the drobo product line all to gether and moving to free nas instead.

it be nice if this admin stuff was fixed.

Midway though 2016 and no fix.

Have admin name and password, login succeeds, immediate log out. Over three years and not even an acknowledgement. But then Drobo doesn’t do anything unless you pay them a support contract.

Well, here we are, 2021, nearly 2022

i still have my drobos, but i also have new ( alternate manufacturer ) NAS boxes that really DO get issues like this fixed

Sorry Drobo, ill NEVER come back due to this problem that you caused us all, NEVER