Drobo Dashboard Service (Win) and Email notifications

On Windows…

Now that Drobo Dashboard 1.6 and onward install a Drobo Dashboard service, does the Drobo Dashboard application still need to be running for email alerts to function?

i’ll test that later today - im going to be pulling a drive and i’ll close the dashboard app before i do that and let you know

Thanks! Reason behind the question is that I’ll be connecting Drobo to WHS so I won’t be able to see the Drobo Dashboard GUI, so I plan to enable email alerts so I know what’s going on.

The Drobo Dashboard email alert settings seem to be user-specific, so I think Drobo Dashboard does need to be running, but appreciate your confirmation if it’s not too much trouble.


argh, i had dashboard closed down to test this

thn a little while later, when i went to pull the drive… i realised i wanst sure which was the 1.5tb one, so i opened dashbaord to check , and minimised instead of closing

not to worry i can test again next week when i add my new 2tb drive to the pack

No worries - I did some testing of my own, and so far it seems that, you do need Drobo Dashboard running - so I have it running on my “service” account which has limited privileges. There’s an error logged from “Drobo” in the Event Log about some kind of illegal exception (I’m pretty sure it has to do with it trying to bring up an interactive screen on a service login account) but all seems well. I get email notifications when something happens with Drobo, which was my goal. :slight_smile:

My guess is the Drobo Dashboard service is there to allow non-Administrator accounts to use Drobo Dashboard, which is a good thing.

woud still be nice if he e-mailing alerts part was built into the service rather than the gui

100% agree!