Drobo Dashboard says Drobo is full - It's not - Help?


  • I have 3 Drobo’s running (have been using drobo since 2014). 2 x 5n and 1 x 5n2.
  • Drobo Dashboard installed on 3 mac’s and 2 PC’s for the above listed

Drobo 5n had about 2TB free, I moved about 8TB off of it onto another one, and upgraded one of the drives from 8TB to 10TB. So in theory there is about 11TB available on it right now. The dashboard says there is 0B left of free space, and says it’s fully 100% full. The drives are calculating correctly (10+10+10+10+8) and showing in the capacity area as 34.37TB. All drives are healthy. The Capacity tab shows it as Red and 100% full. Checking the file sizes on the drobo there is about 23Tb of stuff actually on it. And saving new files to it (even 300GB files) works perfectly fine. It’s just the dashboard that thinks it’s full, but it’s not, it has tons of space. The result is the same no matter which computer or dashboard I use, the other drobo’s all report normally.

  • All drobo’s are up to date firmware
  • All dashboards are up to date.

Totally stuck, have no idea what’s going on.

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I have a similar issue with a Drobo 8D. Capacity says 29TB in use, but df shows about 5TB in use across 3 volumes. In my case, I chalked it up to my backup volume being treated differently, as MacOS continues to encrypt the volume. I’m not sure how MacOS handles the ongoing conversion of a volume from unencrypted to encrypted. ‘diskutil cs list’ shows the volume is halfway through the encryption process (after over a week…), and 50% of the backup volume’s total size (even though only a fraction is used) would account for the discrepancy.

My 5N2 is also incorrectly reporting my Drobo is full. I started a trouble ticket and got a couple of emails from two different techs with no solutions. Now they’ve stopped responding to me at all. :frowning_face:

It sounds like one of your computers may have not been upgraded properly. In order to “see” more than 32TB volumes the Dashboards all have to be on the latest OS’s and the current Dashboards. This was one of my complaints with Drobo when the larger drives (8TB 10TB) started to come out and 32TB was the volume limit. The Drobo firmware has a lot of bugs in it and I found if it thinks that any legacy OS or firmware is floating out in your network it will “default” to reporting the old volume sizes (16TB for the Drobo Mini and 32TB for the 5D/5N series) but it won’t show it to you on the updated Dashboards. All you see is 0TB available… The file calculations were wrapping around causing the null number to show up and even when you erase the files that brought down the actual volume size (below 32TB) it still couldn’t recalculate the actual size.
Maybe a full re-format will fix it but that’s a lot of time and moving of files around (even if you had enough space). One experiment that I’ve tried and actually worked on the old firmware/software was to use a high level repair utility like Mac’s Disk Utility’s First Aid and run the repair function. It fixed the reporting issues and some permission problems that was happening (on a 5D NOT 5N). I’ve never tried it on the current Drobo firmware/software so make sure everything is backed up somewhere before you try it. I confess I was too lazy to back anything up when I tried it and just took a risk because I had spoken to a Drobo support person (this was on the floor at the NAB show in LV) and he said “sure, no problem…” Knowing their history with support issues YMMV.
Remember Drobo firmware/software is very schizo. One thing can be happening on the physical level and a totally different thing can be reported on the logical level. That’s how they are able to swap drives and dynamically readjust volume sizes on the fly w/o incurring the wrath of the computer’s OS’s. It also avoids them having to update the firmware/software every time Apple or Microsoft changes something. Very sneaky. If you can’t find the bug you may have to wait until Drobo pushes another update out for the 5N. I know there were a lot of small issues with the early 5Ns that didn’t occur with the later 5Ns and 5N2s. I thought the firmware updates cured all of those problems but maybe they didn’t. Good luck.