Drobo Dashboard Roulette...

Drobo Dashboard Roulette…
A question regarding the Drobo Dashboard version to be used for Mac OS X.

My question is regarding my Drobo 5N, but may apply to any Drobo in general.
Release Notes concerning firmware and Drobo Dashboard updates state that the latest versions should be used. The latest version of the Drobo Dashboard is 2.7.1, out since October or so. However, the current version listed for the Drobo 5N ONLY is 2.7.0.
Since the Dashboard seems to be universal for all Drobo units, it doesn’t really make sense that a Drobo should require that the Dashboard version be “held behind” the latest update — at least, if that were the case, a good place to place a cautionary note that a Dashboard version did not support a specific Drobo unit would seem to be in the Release Notes, either the Firmware notes, or the Dashboard notes, or preferably both. The notes should be updated to reflect changing information as needed.

That being said, I have been using Dashboard 2.7.1 with my Drobo 5N without any apparent issues. However, if I should not be doing this because, say, the 5N download area has the proper, but non-current, dashboard version, and has not, for some reason, been “neglected” to be updated to the latest dashboard version, that piece of information would be very helpful, and much appreciated.

Did I write this clearly? If anyone has information regarding this issue, thank you in advance.

It seems to be a consensus that the latest version of the Dashboard be used, unless specifically stated otherwise. Would like the official word on this from Technical Support — “Bueller, Bueller, anyone?”

I think you are right and they forgot to update that particular page. As far as I know every Drobo can (and should) use the same updated dashboard software.