Drobo Dashboard Quits After Providing Full Disk Access

I brought my Drobo 5D back from the UK, where it was working fine, to my US office where I run an older iMac running Catalina 10.15.7. I installed Drobo Dashboard 3.6.1 on my iMac. When I opened, an alert box came up asking me to provide Full Disk Access which I did. I restarted and reloaded Dashboard but it gave me the same Alert Box and then quit when I clicked on the box, in spite of having given DD Full Disk Access. Without the software I can’t access the Drobo. Any ideas for a workaround? Is there a way to load an earlier version of Drobo Dashboard that might avoid this problem. Please help. I want to get the data off and onto a new device.

Just checking - so you provided full access to 2 security files on your iMac needed by the Dashboard?

I’m not sure what you meanly the second file. The one I gave full access to was DroboDashboard.app. Is there another file on the iMac that needs to be given full disk access? And, many thanks for the reply. I’d obviously like to get the data off of this Drobo ASAP. Erik

Solved! I didn’t see the other Drobo components that also needed FDA. Many thanks for heading me in the right direction. Now I haver to get my data off and figure out what I’m going to use for storage going forward.

Since I don’t need all of the NSA bells and whistles, and the price of storage has come down so dramatically, I’m thinking of buying two 16 TB Western Digital Enterprise class disks, slap them into Thunderbolt 3 enclosures and move the data to one, with the other backing up every night with Carbon Copy Cloner. Does this make sense to you? Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

Glad that your fix was that simple!

For backups it is entirely your choice based on your needs, just as long as you have a regime for backing things up regularly. And importantly, a backup of your backups too.

Good luck with your journey!