Drobo Dashboard Not working

My Drobo Dashboard prompted me to upgrade which I did to version 2.6.4.
After the restart it threw an error that it was missing components and the Dashboard shuts down. I still have access to the drive on my desktop, but an no longer manage the drive.

Is there any way I can downgrade to an older version? I contacted support and they told me I was out of warranty and that I should uninstall and reinstall. I did so, and it still gives the same error. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Specs below…

Drobo 5D
Model: DRDR5-A
Part# 917-00001-001

I had the very same issue. I went to the support staff and they were totally unsympathetic and unhelpful. I have 2 2nd generation Drobos and one newer 5D. The support guy actually used it as an opportunity to try to sell me on buying new hardware. He said they did not have the old 2.6.3 available for me when I asked for it (I don’t believe that for a second!). He told me to go to this forum and see if I could find someone there that could help me! Very frustrating since it was their upgrade that knocked out my Drobo dashboard. I found a link to a 2.6.2 on this forum and uninstalled the 2.6.4 version and replaced with the old one. It is now working again. I am not sure if I will every want to upgrade my dashboard software again. Data Robotics has really failed me this time with their product and more importantly their support.

I have same problem with a direct connected 2nd Gen as I saw this 2.6.4 supported Yosemite but I guess i missed the fine print where it says it works. :slight_smile: I upgraded to Yosemite based on that. I even did a clean remove and re-install of 2.6.4 and it works until i reboot. Go figure. I will try to downgrade to 2.6.2 since we have no idea if and when a 2.6.5 release will be coming to the rescue.

Upgrading to 2.6.5 resolved the issues. Dashboard can now see my 2nd Gen Firewire 800 direct connected to my mid 2007 iMac running Yosemite 10.10.2. thanks for fixing this.