Drobo Dashboard not working anymore after Mac was sleeping

When I put my MacPro (2009 model) to sleep, the drobo 2nd gen unit sleeps as well. I wake up the MacPro, and the Drobo unit starts up again, with a 1 or 2 min delay.

DroboDashboard was running when i put the machine to sleep. I wake it up, and the Dashboard software is unable to find the drobo again. Only a complete reboot of the machine helps.

Connection is firewire.

That sounds … rather flaky.

Any idea of this being a machine configuration issue or a dashboard issue?

Also, is there any utility out there that can wake up a sleeping drobo, outside of a disconnect/reconnect the firewire cable?


Frank Mantek

What dashboard are you running?

The latest: 1.6.1 and Firmware 1.3.5


I would recommend downgrading to dashboard 1.5.1

Uninstall with the following directions http://support.datarobotics.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/107/kw/1.5.1/r_id/100004/sno/0

Then download dashboard 1.5.1 from
The file you should download is: ddinstaller_1-5-19930.dmg.