Drobo Dashboard not getting updates

I have a Drobo 5N running the latest drobo dashboard off a windows 10 laptop. When I access the drobo and try to do an update it gives the errors attached image.

I did some investigation and the drobo service in windows is using port 7. What is the ip of the server that you get the downloads from and do you use the ftp protocol port 21 to access the update server? I would really like to get this working since doing the manual update is a pain.

hi computerman,
im not sure about the ip but your screenshot did not seem to come through ok - are you able to upload it to imgur or similar and to try pasting a link to it again here?

I am just getting back to this, I can post another picture. I wonder does anyone have the ip or domain name of the drobo update server, I would like to test to see if I can ping it or at lease use an external ftp client to do some troubleshooting.

I will post another picture of my ip and see if it is successful.[hr]
Will try this again.

Here is the image on imgur http://imgur.com/rHwsFGO

thanks computerman, the screenshot came through.
if you can make a note of the current settings, what happens if you try the dhcp setting, to let dashboard automatically get the ip - does that now fix the updates for you?

Well I changed it dhcp but it still did not work. Do you now the ip or the host name of the drobo update server so I can do a test for my network to see if I can get to it?

hi thanks for trying that.
this thread may help you to manually get them (though you will need to go up a folder to get to the windows sections)
btw i found some more info about ports it can use and these articles may help too.
https://myproducts.drobo.com/article/AA-01506 (about ports 20 and 21)
https://myproducts.drobo.com/article/AA-01303 (with additional information about the fs and dashboard versions)

Okay I followed the last email you sent me and from my Windows 10 laptop I was able to ftp to ftp://updates.drobo.com and do a list of the directory.

I also ssh into the drobo and was able to ping updates.drobo.com so it looks like ftp is working from my internet provider router. Is there a way I can use ftp from the drobo to see if I can get access to the ftp site? I am thinking it is an issue with the drobo.

are there any actual firewall settings you can check just in case something is preventing the dashboard app itself from establishing a connection?

also i was just wondering - are you planning on carrying out any migrations, updates, or upgrades of drives, and are wanting to have the latest updates? (becuase if not, and if everything if working fine for you, maybe just doing a manual update when really necesary could be a good option?)

Okay I figured out the problem it is with Windows 10 and the firewall. I installed the drobo dashboard on a Windows 7 laptop on the same network and I was able to access the drobo update site on the drobo. I look at the settings for the Windows 7 laptop and Windows 10 laptop and all the drobo services are there for the Windows 10 all the ports are opened but there is an issue with the Windows 10 drobo dashboard. Looks like drobo needs to do some testing with the dashboard on Windows 10 firewall.

its good that you were able to try a test like that - maybe running dashboard as an admin could help?
if you get a chance could you try that too?

Figured out the issue, the drobo dashboard needs to be “run as administrator”. Once that is done it can access the drobo update site.

cool am glad that worked, nice one computerman :slight_smile: