Drobo Dashboard Mistakes HDD for SSD

See attached screenshot of the Drobo Dashboard, looking at Bay 2 (middle slot):

Notice it is identified as an SSD. I can assure you, the top three drives are all 6TB WD Red spinning drives.

Doesn’t seem to affect anything, as far as I can tell, but I worry about how the Drobo will (or will NOT) respond to bad blocks on the HDD.

I’m having the same issue as of a couple of days ago. My drobo had 5 x 4 TB WD Red drives. The drobo was down to 15% free space, and I was told to replace it with a drive of larger capacity.

I replaced it with a 6 TB WD Red drive, and after 30 hours or so, the drobo rebuilt itself, but drobo dashboard reports that this new drive is an SSD.

Again the drobo failed out another drive, telling me that I needed to put in a larger drive. There was still about 15% free space. I copied about 250GB of data off the drobo, and it stopped complaining about the lack of space.

However, performance on the drobo now terribly degraded. Is this problem related to the dashboard insisting that one of the drive is an SSD? The drobo has 15% (2.45 TB) of free space.

I purchased another 6 TB WD Red, but don’t know if this will also be mis-reported as an SSD, and if this will make the problem worse, or will result in data loss.

Should I remove and re-insert the false SSL drive?

My Drobo is out of warranty, so there’s no assistance from Drobo corp at all.

@ken4, we both have the same make and model of mis-reporting drive, WD60EFAX-68S, aka a 6 TB WD Red.