Drobo Dashboard Login Problem

I have made logout on my dashboard and now i can’t login on my Admin account.
“Unable to log in. Please make sure you entered the username and password correctly.”

My username is Admin and I’m sure the password is correct because I can access my drobo FS without de dashboard.
If I go to \DroboName and enter de same username and password, it works without any problem.
I try in different PC’s with different Windows and different dashboard versions and the problem is always the same.

My password have 21 characters and that seems to be the problem, because dashboard only let me put 20 characters in the password!

I Hope someone can help me!

use a shorter password

I can’t access the dashboard, how I change the password?
Is another way to change the password?

how did you setup the password in the first place?

Hi Docchris,
Thanks for the interest in help me solve this problem.

I will try to explain what happened.

Lets imagine I have one password with 10 characters.
Then I decide to change it to one with 21 characters.
I go to dashboard and put the new password and confirm it.
The problem is, dashboard don’t validate if the new password have more than 20 characters and accept the 21 characters password!
The dashboard memorize the password and works fine until months after I made logout.
After the logout I try to make login again but the password box only let me put 20 characters, and the password have 21!

How I solve this problem?

Open a support case so we can generate a password reset for you.

Support case opened.