Drobo dashboard & lights not updating

I migrated 320GB of data to my new Drobo S last night. When I woke up the Drobo Dashboard pie chart didn’t reflect any of the new data and neither did the blue lights at the bottom of the unit. This was resolved upon a computer restart but it makes me feel a little uneasy when a new product isn’t working as expected. Is this normal?

but could you see the data - was it still on the drobo (via windows explorer / osx finder or whatever it is called?)

Yes, I could see the data in the Finder before the restart.

If you saw the data, that’s a good sign.

How did you initially format the Drobo when you first hooked it up?

I formatted it to 16tb. Hfs+

Okay, was just checking whether it was formatted/partitioned through Drobo Dashboard or via another program.