Drobo dashboard is blank for 5C

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I recently bought a Drobo 5C and 3 drives and an accelerator 512 GB SSD. In the first drive bay is a 4TB Seagate SSHD, and then below I have 2 x 4tb Seagate Skyhawk drives. At the moment I don’t get any data when I launch the latest version of Drobo dashboard 3.6.1 on my iMac running Catalina. Everything is blank.When I look at the Drobo info pane it says the capacity of the drive is 70.37 TB which is obviously wrong. I wondered whether the hybrid SSHD SATA drive was causing problems.I tried attaching the 5c to my MacBook 2015 running the same OS and had the same problem.Does anyone know what might be the happening?

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Did you format the drobo?

70.37TB (64TiB) is correct. That’s the volume size it makes, it’ll turn on orange lights and ask for bigger drives when you’re close to filling the real capacity.
I don’t think I’d be putting a hybrid drive in any Drobo though, & it’s pretty pointless in a 5C, there’ll be zero speed advantage & quite possibly compatibility issues, was me I’d remove that one & see what happened.

Thanks for the reply FSB. Do you mean using Disk Utility? Or the Dashboard? You know I can’t remember. I’m thinking of trying to start from scratch on it and removing the SSHD as recommended below.

Thanks for you response cyber_beardy and apologies for my late reply. “70.37TB (64TiB) is correct. That’s the volume size it makes.” Can you explain further as I don’t really follow.
And I think I’ll remove the SSHD and see how that goes.

It’s one of the features of Drobos, they format & show more space than really exists, then just keep the data on what does exist, asking for more/bigger drives if the real storage is running low. It saves having to copy data off & reformat, or else do risky file system expansions live with your data on them.

Basically it’ll make the apparent max size it can support as one volume, regardless if it’s loaded with huge drives, or you just threw two 1TB drives in to get started with.