Drobo Dashboard Hanging When Creating BackupVolume

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Hi - I’m setting up a Drobo Gen 3 on a Mac after a factory reset. When I try to create a backup volume for Time Machine to use, Drobo dashboard says it’s doing it, the Drobo restarts, but then the drive and power lights go out and the activity light turns solid amber. The progress bar on Drobo dashboard stalls at about 3/4, and nothing happens after that.

When I reboot, I can see a second volume in Dashboard (but not disk utility), but it doesn’t mount.

Has anyone else seen this? Any thoughts?


The activity light would not go amber but the power light may, this would indicate the Drobo and the computer are not seeing each other.


Symptom :

Power light is yellow. All other lights are off.

Drobo automatically goes into Standby if your computer is in sleep mode or if your computer is powered off.

Other reasons for your Drobo going into sleep mode include :

  • The cable connection from your computer to Drobo has become lose or dislodged
  • The cable you are using is no longer working
  • If using hub/adapter between Drobo and your computer, remove the hub/adapter and directly connect to the computer
  • The data port on your computer is bad. Try an alternative connection type (USB, Thunderbolt)
  • If your Drobo has an ISCSI connection and you are using a Mac, you will need the ATTO ISCSI initiator.

To resolve, try the following :

  • Check the cable connection from your Drobo to your computer. Disconnect and then reconnect the data cable.
  • If on Mac, uncheck Power Nap in System Preferences, Energy Saver, Power Nap
  • Try another port on the computer, another cable, and if possible another port on the Drobo storage device.
  • If in daisy chain configuration, remove Drobo from daisy chain and directly connect Drobo to computer.
  • Try another port on the computer, another cable, and if possible another port on the Drobo storage device. Especially if using an adapter or Drobo is in a daisy chain configuration.

Hi Valorie - Thanks for the response. I appreciate the tips.

I’ve gotten the Drobo mounted and recognized. It appears to be functioning fine. The issue is still with the “create backup volume” feature. When I attempt to create a backup volume, Dashboard begins the sequence, Drobo restarts, and then “dies”. The progress bar for the restart stops about 3/4 through, and nothing happens. I need to quit out of dashboard (getting a warning that volume creation is happening) and restart the computer for Drobo to be recognized. I’ve let it sit in the “hung” position overnight to be sure I wasn’t just being impatient.

I’d really like to set up a backup volume so I can use Time Machine without overloading the whole Drobo. I’m hoping someone has a tip or fix.


Would you create a support case and put in Subject - assign to Valorie. Then we can get diagnostic file and take a closer look at this. Thank You.

Done. Thanks for looking into it!

Would you let me know the support case number.
Thank you.

Hello - 200826-99908 is the number I got in the followup email.