Drobo Dashboard Formatted Wrong Drive?

Hello all,

I have a horrible issue that I’m hoping to get some advice on - Apologies in advance for the long read, I just want to make sure and provide as much detail as possible.

I just got a Drobo DR04DD10 unit today and installed two 2TB SATA drives and installed the Drobo Dashboard for Mac prior to plugging in the Drobo via Firewire 800. I have another external drive, a 500GB SATA inside an IcyDock FW400 external enclosure. Because it’s 400 and not 800, I plugged it in to the other FW port of the Drobo (800 from Mac to Drobo, 800 to 400 from Drobo to IcyDock) intent on copying everything over from the IcyDock drive to my new Drobo after the Drobo drives were formatted and the store was ready to go. As expected, the Dashboard found the Drobo device, indicated that an update was available (which I installed, followed by an auto reboot of the Drobo device). Next, it showed the unformatted space (1.8TB) and I proceed to setup the data store using the Drobo utility. Once complete, the utility exited and shockingly I discovered that it had formatted the 500GB IcyDock drive (not the internal Drobo SATA drives). I have years of work on this drive, and so far all disk recovery utilities that I have tried are not able to restore the data.

What could have possibly caused the Drobo Utility to format the external FW IcyDock drive rather than its own internal drives, and is there any possible way to get the data back? I am desperate - any advice would be immensely appreciated.

thats incredibly strange (bordering on the theoretically impossible), i’ve never heard of anything like that.

erm… well first off a proper professional recover service should be able to get your years of work back relatively easily (one would hope)

second if there were years of work on a single 500GB drive (probably worth about $40 now…) you should have definitely had it backed up on a second 500GB hard drive - it wouldn’t have cost very much! hard drives can and do fail all the time (i’ve had two die on me so far this year)

have you tried removing the drobo altogether and just plugging the icy drive directly into your computer?

Hi Docchris,

Thanks for the input. I agree, I have never seen anything even remotely like this, and I have an 11 year history with Macs and 15 years in IT. I’ve been replaying the steps in my head, and for the life of me I don’t know what went wrong. I used the Drobo Dashboard to build the drive and even named it “Drobo” (creative, I know). But alas, when the utility finished, the IcyDock drive was named Drobo and it was freshly formatted. I never opened Disk Utility or any other program that would format outside the confines of the Drobo Dashboard.

So yes, plenty of regrets on the current state of backups - I use both Backblaze and Time Capsule to back up my primary Mac drive and active projects I’m working on, but this external disk is where I was holding the majority of my completed video projects, and the Drobo purchase was to provide redundant backup for this critical data. It’s ironic that the very effort of attempting to secure my data is what destroyed it.

I have since disconnected the Drobo and have the Icy Dock directly connected - I’m running a deep scan now with Data Rescue 3 (8 hours to go) but I’m not too confident in the results. So far the scan has indicated that there are 1.9 million MP3s on that drive (there are none on that drive, just Quicktime, Final Cut files, and lots of DMGs of DVD’s I’ve produced.) I’ll know more tomorrow when the scan completes, but a professional data recovery service is the next step.

Sorry to hear this. I, too, am surprised to hear that the DroboDashBoard would do this. Or even had the ability to do this., But I am not running the newest version of Dashboard.
In any event, my only advice is to call into DroboSupport, or Email. They aren’t on during the weekend, so be patient.
But if this was caused by their Dashboard, they really need to help, or can figure out how to help.
This is really painful to read your post. Let us know if DataRescue 3 works.
Good luck.

Interesting mis-manipulation.

Mine mis-manipuilation was an ethernet connected Drobo 2 via Droboshare, and one newly installed Drobo 2 via Firewire. Dashboard saw the new unit did all the prep, then at Format time, formated the Droboshare Ethenet drive rather than the Firewire unit. Still have the 4 Droboshare drives cocooned hoping for the day a untility becomes available.

I now have an FS (6+ monhts now) and so far everything is GREAT!