Drobo Dashboard for Linux latest-0.6.2-1

Dashboard with graphical, command line, and python programmer interfaces.
The home page is on: http://drobo-utils.sf.net

Additional Information:
Tested on v1 firmware 1.03 and later.

linux (developed on and for Debian derived OS, such as Ubuntu)

Does not support Droboshare, only a drobo locally attached by USB, firewire, or iSCSI to a linux server. 2MB/hour memory leak in droboview means you probably should not leave the dashboard running overnight. must run as root (built as a straight client)

Author: philobyte

Doesn’t work with Drobo S

Ubuntu 9.10 32bit
Package: drobo-utils_0.6.1_all.deb

Everything installed great but always get “No Drobos discovered” on any command I tried to issue. I’m guessing it’s because this is a newer type of device and drobo-utils doesn’t know about this one yet.

I even tried formating on Windows then trying the Linux drobo utils again but it wasn’t any different. I can still get to the filessystem and such but no utils.

If there’s anything to try or new software that needs testing for the Drobo S model I have a few days before I need to go to production with it.

DroboPRO, S & Elite stuff is getting straightened out in the development branch, not in stable release yet.

git clone git://drobo-utils.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/drobo-utils/drobo-utils
cd drobo-utils
./drobom view

ought to work now…

Any news on Drobo Dashboard for the Drobo FS?

have no hardware, no documentation. No idea how it works. Drobo FS support not likely in short term unless someone who has one comes forward and starts figuring it out. Best I can do is answer questions about the code and offer encouragement.

I have two drobo-fs… but little coding experience beyond bash scripting.

Hmm just to update on a thread I posted in the Drobo S forum asking for the sata mode pages that are used over esata, to hopefully allow us to enable management over esata. I would think it should be a simple task to tell us but maybe not…

I don’t know if you have access to a drobo S but if you want to run tests against one I do have one. I have extensive prior storage/linux experience, but what I’m lacking now is time. If I had copious amounts of free time I’d just scrounge up a sata analyzer and figure out the protocol that way.