Drobo Dashboard for iOS

Has this been discussed? Will it ever happen? I have had a 5N since it came out and it would be extremely convenient.

I would find this greatly useful as well, getting status notifications on my iPhone would mean I will actually see them.

There is a paid ($0.99 US) application on the iOS App Store named “Dromo” (Drobo Monitor), from an independent software author (BigB), and not provided by Drobo, Inc. The app has been around for quite awhile, the few posted reviews are mixed, and no feature updates seem to be in the pipeline. “Dromo” gives basic status information for the network-based Drobo models - the Drobo FS, Drobo 5N and DroboPro. Drobo are added to the app by entering the network IP address. “Dromo” displays the total, used and free capacities, the redundancy status, the serial number, firmware version and release date. An “Email Alerts” toggle switch is displayed (mine shows to be “Off” incorrectly, and has no functionality). “Dromo” also lists the individual drive capacities and status. It not by any means a full dashboard, and no Drobo settings adjustments or shares information is provided. It has some use as a status indicator, but only when your iOS device is connected to the same network as the Drobo.

Hi, I got to the drobo scene late and been trying desperately to get the dromo app.

Sadly it is no longer in the AppStore, would you be willing to share the .ipa?

It’s ok if not, but I had to try. Thanks

Hi, Juan. Unfortunately, I no longer have this app or a backup. It was actually quite limited in its scope of the information provided, and the author never did update it for use with the later iOS versions. The Drobo Dashboard app is the only way I’m aware of to monitor a Drobo at this point.

thanks was worth a shot slight_smile: