Drobo Dashboard Downgrade?

I’m using a first gen Drobo on an iMac. I use it for Time Machine backups and media storage. I recently upgraded to Lion (OS X 10.7.3). I updated my Drobo Dashboard to 2.1.2, which doesn’t work (comes up, but basically shows very little info and doesn’t let you do anything).

On the plus side, Time Machine still seems to be working fine with the new setup. I’ve looked on the Drobo pages and know that the gen 1 product is no longer supported, so I’m not expecting any help from Drobo. So I’m thinking I have these options:

  1. Leave Dashboard alone since Time Machine is still working.
  2. Restore the old version I have of Drobo Dashboard from Time Machine
  3. Contacting Drobo about getting an older version, but again, since it’s unsupported, don’t expect this to work

I’m leaning towards option 1. I figure if I have problems down the road, I can restore to the older version, but don’t want to risk breaking Drobo working with Time Machine. I do have other backups via Super Duper.

Any opinions? Has anyone restored an older version of Drobo Dashboard via Time Machine, and if so, did it work?



took 5 seconds to find it :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Please forgive my ignorance on this, but isn’t that for firmware of the Drobo itself? I’m talking about the Drobo Dashboard software that controls the Drobo hardware.[hr]
I was able to get disk image of Drobo Dashboard 1.8.4 for Mac, after switching from Safari to Firefox, which is kind of funny, so I guess I’ll roll the dice with that.

Thanks again!

We will give you whatever help we can if you call the helpdesk or open a support ticket. Restoring Dashboard from a Time Machine backup may not work. It would be better to uninstall version 2.1.2 and then freshly install 1.8.4. The link docchris provided above is correct, just scroll all the way to the bottom. To properly uninstall/reinstall Drobo Dashboard:

  1. Open Drobo Dashboard, go Tools and click Standby.
  2. Once the Drobo goes to standby, disconnect the data cable.
  3. Quit Drobo Dashboard.
  4. Open a Finder window and select Macintosh HD on the sidebar.
  5. Go to Library > Application Support > Data Robotics > Drobo Dashboard and run the uninstaller application found there.
  6. After Drobo Dashboard is removed, go back to the finder window and trash the Data Robotics folder.
  7. Empty the trash.
  8. Restart the computer.
  9. Download Dashboard 1.8.4 from http://www.drobo.com/support/updates/dashboard/drobodashboardinstaller_1.8.4.dmg.
  10. Reconnect the data cable; the Drobo should boot and connect to Dashboard.

Its at the bottom[hr]
damn, sky beat me!

Thanks, Sky. I already installed it over the newer version, and it seems to be working fine. Should I just leave it alone, or go back through and reinstall with the process you outlined?

So now I’m currently running Dashboard 1.8.4 and Firmware 1.3.7 (and again, things seem to be working fine). According to the FAQ on Lion, I should be running Firmware 1.3.8, although a pop-up is telling me to install Firmware 1.4.1, and Dashboard 2.0.3.a. I think this is how I got into trouble before.

Which is correct (for both Dashboard and Firmware)?

I’m on Lion 10.7.3 with a first gen Drobo.

Thanks again!