Drobo Dashboard Doesn't See My Drobo on Mac

I’ve had a Drobo (original) with DroboShare on my Windows network for a long time. None of my PCs (all Windows XP) have any trouble accessing it.

Just bought a Macintosh (MacBook Pro) and installed Drobo Dashboard. It never sees my Drobo.

Is there anything special I need to do to get the Drobo Dashboard to see it?

I am able to telnet from mac Terminal command line to port 139 of my Drobo, so it doesn’t appear to be a networking issue.

Is there somewhere in DashBoard that can tell it the IP to connect to?

Here are entries from the log file:

DDA: 0xa04e6540 06\26 00:36:07 Error - DDADiagsSettings::loadDiagSettings failed to load diag setting from file /Users/Shared/Drobo Dashboard/settings/DiagsSettings.xml.
DD: 0xb0325000 06\27 16:30:47 Error - CapacityPresenter::UpdateVMButtons() - No device selected
DD: 0xb0325000 06\27 16:30:47 Error - StatusPresenter::UpdateDeviceDetailsList() - No device selected
DD: 0xa04e6540 06\27 16:30:47 Error - GLGraphic::LoadBitmap() - Failed to load image Empty

I noticed there was no “settings” directory under “Drobo Dashboard” above, so I went ahead and created the directory, but still no XML settings file. Is there a template xml file I can use to create a new file and configure my connection? I don’t appear to have this file on my Windows XP PCs.

Any hints/advice?

Quick follow up…

I’m able to connect to my Drobo using

SMB://DroboShare Name/volume name

but DashBoard still says “Looking for connected devices…” forever.

Really? No one else has seen this?

I’ve had a similar problem in the past with firewalls. I turned off my Apple firewall and the firewall with my Intego VirusBarrier X6. It was the Intego doing it to me in my case.

What OS are you running on your Mac?

What version of Dashboard are you running?