Drobo dashboard does not recognize attached devices

Using Dashboard since I have 2 legacy devices attached (Drobo FS and Drobo S). Drobo FS warned of needing extra capacity, added another drive, had said it was in the process of protection, now one drive shows red, but no notifications come thru, and Dashboard can’t find either device even though my Mac recognizes both.

hi brightst,
can i check if the drive that is showing red, is a solid red light that is always on, (not blinking), and if it is for the drive that you added in?

if you have any more info about what drives you had in which slots, before adding in (such as what you removed, and what the drobo or dashboard did) it could be useful too when you get a moment?[hr]
(also in the meantime, if you are in a position to be able to backup your data, while the mac still sees it, it might be good to do, especially if you do not already have a backup, or if you are on single SDR drive redundancy, to play safe)